The Miller Early Childhood Initiative provides anti-bias training and resources for the early childhood community.

The goal of the Initiative is to assist caregivers, educators, and families in creating and sustaining bias-free early childhood programs and homes that encourage children to appreciate diversity at an age when the seeds of prejudice can begin to take root.  Initiative programs were created in partnership with Sesame Workshop and address ways to stop stereotyping and respect differences.

Program Offerings:

Educator & Follow-Up Educator Workshop– For caregivers of children ages 3–5, provides up to ten hours of anti-bias

Educator Advanced Workshop– Reunites participants for full or half day anti-bias training, building on the
previous sessions.

Family Workshop– For adult family members of children ages 3–5, provides up to three
hours of anti-bias training.

Family & Child Workshop– For adult family members together with their children ages 3–5, provides
one hour of anti-bias activities.