ADL’s 2011-2012 Glass Leadership Institute started earlier this Fall. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Jamie Price and Jonah Weinberg 14 young professionals who are committed to ADL’s mission will attend monthly meetings which combine educational programming about the substantive issues of ADL’s agenda with active participation in ADL’s working committees. Participants are given the opportunity to learn about ADL’s work and become effective advocates on issues that pertain to civil rights, human relations and anti-bias education.

The 2011-2012 Glass Leadership Institute includes: Alyssa Baer, Jill Cohn, Kimberly Favor, Ari Herbstman, Ari Milgrom, Katie Mintzer, Stefanie Mirman, Rachel Oscar, Jeremy Polster, Ben Sattin, Jonathan Schonfeld, Jennifer Schwarz, Kim Stein and Melissa Yasinow.