This workshop for educators is designed to address diversity issues in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school communities.

Program options:

Teacher Training Program- This customize able program provides school faculty a foundation for exploring bias and its impact on individuals and society.  Participants gain effective strategies to confront prejudice and discrimination in the school setting while teaching students to recognize and respect diversity.

Becoming an Ally: Interrupting Name-Calling and Bullying for Educators- This half or full-day program allows educators to explore the escalating nature of hate to develop and practice skills as allies to students targeted by name-calling and bullying.

Trickery, Trolling and Threats: Understanding Cyberbullying- This half or full-day program increases awareness about the unique nature and impact of cyberbullying, provides strategies for educators to respond effectively to cyberbullying and fosters an increased culture of e-safety among youth.

Special and Customized Programs- We can design specialized programs tailored to your school on any of the following topics: preventing and responding to bias incidents and hate crimes, bullying, and accommodating religious diversity.